is a simple astrology app for Android Platform and is based on the desktop astrology software Aquarius3

This App is a very good extension for the desktop astrology software Aquarius 3, but can also be used as a stand alone App. Horoscopes entered on the PC can be synchronized to the App and vice versa. So you have your horoscopes always with you.


Features of Aquarius2Go

Radix, Solar-returns, Transite and Synastry Horoscopes
Moon Calendar
Real-time astrology clock
Synchronize your horoskopes with the Aquarius web server to exchange them between Aquarius2Go and the desktop software Aquarius V3.
Select your place of birth by use of Google Maps, or enter it directly with the geo coordinates
Configure and zoom your horoscope chart.

If you have questions or problems with the App, please contact me directly on the Contact Page. Please visit also the page Aquarius2Go on Facebook.

Privacy Policy

Looking for translators:

If you want to support me and you can translate the App to an additional language, please contact me. I will send you a file with the texts to translate. This file is not big and the translation usually takes not more then one or two hours.

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